Which Kind Is Your Favourite Esports Games and Esports Event

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Category of esports games: shooting, fighting, RPG, strategy, real sports. The favourite of Malaysian: DotA 2, LoL, PUBG, CS. Enjoy betting on esports event.

Which Kind Is Your Favourite Esports Games and Esports Event?

Esports are getting popular nowadays in Malaysia and worldwide, from the typical multiplayers games activity, it is rapidly developing and evolving into an official sports category, which has competed in international major sports events.

Esports are also becoming an important industry of both sports and technology, which practises human’s mentality and ability of teamwork, yet developing the application of computer gaming and online entertainment.

Esports also appeared to be a new career especially among teenagers, they could practise as professionals and participate in every esports event, to gain their fame by winning the titles and increase their income by winning the prizes.

There are many esports games in history which are famous worldwide, getting millions of players and widely acclaimed, and competing in several major esports tournaments. These esports games are familiar by most esports players in Malaysia.

Category of Esports Games: Shooting

Shooting is one of the main genres of video games, players love to enjoy the excitement and intensity of shooting action. It also trains the players’ ability to focus and observe.

Counter-Strike is the most typical and most popular shooting game in esports. Players choose between terrorists or anti-terrorists to battle each other in various maps of battlefield. Originally released in 2000, it has developed into plenty of series, of which Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is the most popular series nowadays.

Strategy Games: Hottest Esport in Malaysia

People love strategy games too, to practise their mental and ability of teamwork or leadership. A great strategy game comes with plenty of team formations and maps distributions, yet there are endless variables during the war game.

DotA (Defense of the Ancient) series is generally known as the best strategy game in esports. Also the most popular esports game in Malaysia nowadays, DotA 2 is most participated by Malaysian professional esports players, which achieved several trophies and awards in major competitions.

Battle Royale: Craziness of Mass Fighting

Battle royale is one of the favourite genres of esports, players are gathering to eliminate each other for the final victory.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) is the most popular battle royale game in esports. Released in 2017, it had received many major awards worldwide and had enormous numbers of downloading and purchasing while it was a paid game.

Sports Games for Esports

Not just the real football matches are popular, they are famous in esports too! The real sports playing in esports games are also highly participated by esports players worldwide.

The FIFA football and NBA basketball are among the most popular sports games in esports, and competed in several international competitions or tournaments.

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