Most popular types of esports betting online

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Esports look similar to traditional sports in the sense of having a lot of fans and betting on their favourite teams. Esports are streamed video events with a vast number of viewers watching these events every day. This is the main reason why esports has boomed the gaming industry in Malaysia.

The esports industry also includes successful players who are earning huge money from this streamed video system. Most of the esport bet online activity depends on live streams, where the people can place the bets before the commencement of the game.

There are many sportsbooks also available that consist the esports games and provide promotions for joining by the players.

An essential and popular type of the esports betting

The first type of esports game is direct betting from the online site for real money and having fixed odds. The second type of esports betting is the social and private betting between individuals, named skins gambling or loot boxes.

Let us further explain all three types in detail.

Skin gambling

Skins are found with the many cosmetic items within the range of the video game to decorate the characters and weapons. In skin gambling, cosmetic items are used as currency to place bets on the result of the match.

But all the circumstances, either of using the items or betting, are based on the game. They are highly used as pure decoration items. They are also used to gain the rewards as a bettor from advances to higher levels. Players can easily purchase décor items from the loot boxes later used in skin gambling.

Loot boxes

Loot boxes are present in the form of virtual treasure chests that come with the many features in an esports game. It can mainly consist of the ‘real-world’ price tag. That is, in the FIFA game, it means that the players have the chance to buy and add a real player from the figure of the league team and to play in their esport bet online.

Is there any risk in betting on esports

Along with the features, it is also crucial to understand that there are the same risks that occur in the esport bet online so that players stay aware of such risks while betting. Following are the risk that is associated with esports games.

Easily accessible via social media

The advertisement of Esports betting also takes place on social media, which gives indications of the hacks. It takes place on social media using memer and humour to target a larger audience. This is the different and risky way that esports betting is advertised on social media.


esport bet online is quite tough to understand from its name or a single word. People must understand it, from the rules, basics, and gameplay to playing or placing bets on esports. In the traditional form of sports, the bets are placed by people who already have an understanding of the game.

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