Esports In Malaysia: A Growing Local Esports Scene

Esports is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, and Malaysia is no exception. According to industry analysts, esports could be worth as much as $1 billion by 2020. And while traditional sports continue to maintain a stronghold among Malaysians, esports in Malaysia is quickly gaining ground. What’s driving this growth? There are a few factors at play, but one of the most important is the growing popularity of video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. As more and more people switch to digital platforms for entertainment, esports has emerged as an attractive alternative. This burgeoning local esports scene is already generating a lot of interest from investors, so expect to see even more growth in the coming years. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with insights into the esports in Malaysia scene and how you can get involved.

Overview of Esports in Malaysia

Esports in Malaysia is slowly but surely growing with dedicated tournaments and leagues being organized on a regular basis. With such a rich history in video gaming, esports in Malaysia has quickly become one of the most popular spectator sports around the world.

Esports in Malaysia spans across multiple platforms including PC, console, mobile and even virtual reality. The main tournament hosts are currently Sony PlayStation and Ubisoft-owned Tournament Gaming Asia which are responsible for hosting several global tournaments each year. Apart from these two organizations, there are also smaller tournament organizers who put together regional qualifiers to bring top players to Kuala Lumpur for a chance to compete at bigger events like The International or The Summit Series.

The Malaysian Esports Association (MESA) was founded back in 2017 as the governing body for esports in Malaysia. It currently has over 1,000 members including teams, broadcasters and sponsors who all come together to make sure that esports betting is run smoothly locally. MESA also organizes monthly events called Game Nights where gamers can gather to play games and socialize.

The History of Malaysian Esports

The esports in Malaysia scene is slowly but surely growing. With the rise in popularity of esports, local tournaments and leagues have been popping up as of late.

There wasn’t even a name for what we now know as esports back when Malaysians first got interested in it. It was simply known as “gaming” and was usually played on PC or console games like Street Fighter, League of Legends, or Starcraft. In fact, the first international championship ever organized for competitive gaming was held in Malaysia back in 2007.

Fast forward to today and Malaysian esports has seen massive growth with big names such as Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) winning the Liga 1 Season 3 Championship while also taking home the SEA Games Gold Medal earlier this year. With seasoned veterans like JDT pulling off some impressive feats and new teams quickly rising to compete with them, the future looks bright for fans of esports in Malaysia!

The Current Esports Scene in Malaysia

Malaysia is currently in the process of developing an esports scene, and there are already a few professional teams and leagues operating. The country’s first professional esports league, the Malaysia Esports League, was launched in February 2019. The league features eight teams from across the region competing in a round-robin format.

The Malaysian National Olympic Committee has also been working on establishing an esports program for young athletes. The program will initially focus on video gaming but could eventually include other competitive video games. As part of the program, the National Olympic Committee will provide training facilities and funding to help aspiring pro players rise to the top.

Types of Esports Played in Malaysia

Esports in Malaysia is booming, with many different types of esports betting being played. Recently, “battle royale” and “Hearthstone” have been growing in popularity due to the large number of people who are playing them on their smartphones or computers.

“Battle royale” games are fast-paced and involve players competing to be the last one standing by hunting down other players and killing them. “Hearthstone,” which is a card game, is another popular type of esports. Players use cards to fight against each other in a virtual arena.

Other popular esports include “League of Legends,” which is a video game based on the popular Chinese sport of Warcraft III; and “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” which is a first-person shooter game developed by Valve Corporation. There are also various team-based competitions involving various games such as “Dota 2,” “Street Fighter V,” and “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.”


Esports in Malaysia is growing at a fast pace, with local tournaments and leagues starting to become more popular. There has been a lot of investment in the Malaysian esports scene, and this is only going to continue as the scene grows. With competitions like The International 2018 set to take place in Malaysia this year, it’s clear that there is a lot of potential for the esports industry here. Whether you’re a fan of professional gaming or just want to watch some great competition without having to leave your home country, there’s plenty of esports content available in Malaysia right now.

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